iBeacon app Elevate motivates people to take the stairs

App specialist Touchwonders elected as most stair friendly company

App specialist Touchwonders designed and developed Elevate, an app that motivates people to take the stairs instead of the elevator, based on iBeacon technology. This innovation made Touchwonders the most stair friendly company of the Netherlands in the election organized by the Dutch Diabetes Foundation.

Walking the stairs becomes a competition

The Elevate app measures how many times you take the stairs and/or elevator. For each floor, you get a point. If you race up the stairs quickly, you even get bonus points. When the elevator is used you get a penalty. If you have a penalty you can only earn points once you eliminated all the penalty points. This is done by once again taking the stairs. The app uses the iBeacons which are installed in the staircase and elevators.

Users get a personal push message when taking the elevator. This way they are motivated to take the stairs, next time. All the results are combined in a Game Center leader board so you can see which of your colleagues is the staircase master of the day or week. 

Most stair friendly company of The Netherlands

The innovative app made Touchwonders the most stair friendly company of The Netherlands. The election is part of the Dutch 'Staircase week' which is being organized by the Diabetes foundation. The foundation wants to engage people to be more active, for instance by taking the stairs.

First company to have an iBeacon app that promotes taking the stairs

Elevate enages all visitors and employees of the Hooghiemstra Business center, where Touchwonders is also situated. With this innovation Hooghiemstra is the first office building that is using this technique. 

How do iBeacons work?

iBeacons are tiny sensors that send out signals with Bluetooth. You can place them anywhere you want to. When someone with a smart device is near the iBeacon, the signal of the iBeacon is spotted by the device. The apps on the device and the iBeacon can exchange information and data now: they are connected to each other. This doesn't mean that every time the user walks by an iBeacon his smart device connects with it. When users choose to install the app of the iBeacon location the smart device will only connect with that specific iBeacon. Once the user moves away from the iBeacon the connection is lost. More information about iBeacon apps of Touchwonders can be found here

"The Elevate app of Touchwonders awards people who take the stairs, while at the same time making people aware of health benefits. This engages everyone to be more active for instance by taking the stairs every day." Hanneke Dessing, director Diabetes Foundation (Netherlands)
"At Touchwonders we love innovative digital experiences. With Elevate we found a great way to get even more hands-on in-depth experience with iBeacon technology and get a fun and healthy office game going at the same time." Thijs van Schadewijk, founder and CEO of Touchwonders
"With a few design tweaks our staircase has become a real part of our office building. Now it is much more inviting to take the stairs. Because Touchwonders developed this great innovative app, taking the stairs is more fun than ever. The advantage is that you stay in shape and its good for the environment because the elevator is not used as much." Paul Barendrecht, general manager Hooghiemstra Business Center
"iBeacons can connect our real (physical) lives to our digital lives. This opens up a world of possibilities for the next generation of apps." Thijs van Schadewijk, founder and CEO of Touchwonders
About Touchwonders

Touchwonders is a leading mobile agency and provides strategic consulting, concept, design and development of native and web apps. User experience is central in our vision. With this we make the life of consumers, businesses and employees easier, more comfortable and more beautiful.

At Touchwonders we live and work to create app experiences that enrich peoples lives. Our design centric approach results in apps that are simple, smart and delightful. Whether for iPhone, iPad, Android or the Web, we work hard on each and every detail to get an experience that stands out.

Touchwonders was established a few days after the iPad was announced in the beginning of 2010. We were convinced that tablets and apps will change the digital media landscape completely. Our team of passionate professionals creates beautiful, simple and innovative apps for mobile devices.
We create apps that make you smile :)

(Dutch) Bedrijfsomschrijving Touchwonders:

Touchwonders is een toonaangevend bureau voor mobiele en tablet toepassingen. Wij leveren strategisch advies, concept, design en ontwikkeling van native en web apps met een onderscheidende gebruikerservaring.

Apps maken het leven makkelijker. Een goede app is slim, plezierig en eenvoudig. Dat is waar Touchwonders voor staat: We create apps that make you smile.

Touchwonders is opgericht enkele dagen na de introductie van de eerste Apple iPad begin 2010. Het bureau realiseert apps voor vooraanstaande opdrachtgevers zoals ING, PON, Rabobank, Corio, Weeronline, Zoover en Heijmans.